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Welcome to Amchara Detox Retreats

Detox your body and improve your health & vitality on Amchara’s rural health retreat.

You may wish to de-stress and rejuvenate, you may wish to kick start you’re life, you’re maybe looking for a place to convalesce, you may be at a crossroads, you may wish to lose weight or you may be attending due to other medical or health reasons where you’ve reached the end of the road with your current treatments and are seeking positive alternatives.

Different clients attend Amchara for different reasons, the one common thread that every guest has is they want something to change.

Whatever your medical or health reason for attending, our mission is to help you, “Change For Good”

We offer daily holistic therapy sessions, we also offer either juice fast body detoxification or alternatively a healthy eating programme along with more moderate detoxification methods, we create tailored packages to meet your personal health needs.

Two amazing locations for you to relax, reboot and recharge…

    Amchara UK, Somerset
Nestled in the idyllic surroundings of the Somerset countryside, Amchara UK has 12 en-suite bedroom and offers all you need to relux, reboot and recharge.


    Amchara Malta, Gozo
The beautiful island of Gozo is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, popular with celebrities due to its remote and peaceful nature. Amchara Gozo has 26 self contained apartments.


Services available at Amchara…

The three key principles we apply…

Is simple terms we apply 3 key components to health and recovery – elimination, replenishment and exercise

Colonic Irrigation, Colon Hydrotherapy, Coffee Enemas and Liver Flush

Colonics Detox Retreat UKIn simple terms we apply 3 key components to health and recovery, the 3 key components are elimination, replenishment and exercise. Elimination or detoxification methods can include, full colonic irrigation, colemas, coffee enemas, water enemas and liver flushes.

The daily ritual of Amchara’s weight loss retreat means you can lose 10-20lbs in a week, detox and cleanse your body with our popular colon hydrotherapy cleansing diet. Amchara’s 7-day detox offers you a complete weight loss detoxification programme, leaves you looking younger and feeling alive.

Nutrition with Juices or / and Healthy Food
Nutrition with Juices or and Healthy Food The second component is healthy consumption to replenish your body with all the goodness and vitality it craves and needs.

You can achieve this through juices with supplements or healthy eating or a combination of the two, we recommend different programmes depending on your desired outcomes or goals. If you’re coming for pure weight loss and to detox typically we recommend the juice fast, if you’re coming for other medical reasons we may recommend healthy diet and food. Your dietary programme can be worked out in advance with our nutritionists or naturopaths to ensure that it is tailored for your specific needs.

Exercise, Yoga & Tai Chi, Walks
Exercise, Yoga & Tai Chi, Walks
We run yoga classes twice per day, and also host a variety of other classes such as Tai Chi, Meditation and Chi Gong. These can cater for all levels of skill and experience and can also be conducted on a 1 to 1 basis when required.

Yoga holidays are a great way to relax and unwind, and works to help you re-energize and recharge your body, mind and life. Every once in a while it is a good idea to go on yoga holiday.

Weight-Loss at Amchara…

10lbs – 20lbs is the weight loss that you can achieve on our detox retreats, this boost can help you kick start a new healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss will vary between individuals, men normally lose weight faster than women.

During the 7 day detox retreat the weight loss is normally, 10lbs-13lbs and up to 20lbs for the 14 day detox option.

Weight Loss Detox on our Health Farm
Pregnancy/fertility detox..

If you are having trouble conceiving, detoxifying your body is a very positive step to improved fertility while you prepare for pregnancy. Certain yoga postures help stimulate the detox process and target specific detox organs to assist in moving toxins out of the body.
Fresh nutritious juices and colon cleansing are all great complements to your fertility detox.

Fertility Detox Retreat
Amchara Blog…

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